conscious eating from seed to soul

Taste and fulfillment, or health and nourishment? Like these two realms of eating, we don’t always agree. Through this blog, we explore ways to find a happy medium.

This is our discourse on conscious eating from seed to soul. It is an exploration of the way in which how we eat can improve how we feel. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because our happiness and personal well-being translates into compassion for ourselves, for others and for the natural world that feeds us.

We are two sisters (with very different food paradigms) seeking to marry pleasureful eating with healing through food.

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  1. Congratulations to you both, Stefanie and Natalie. What a refreshing and inspirational site you have created. I’m sure you will go far by sharing such great knowledge gained through experiences. I know your mother is smiling down . . . and like your Dad, she is so very proud.

  2. Heritage Conservancy’s 4th Annual From Farm To Table Event August 4
    Heritage Conservancy, the Bucks County-based conservation organization, has announced its Fourth Annual From Farm to Table Dinner. The event will take place on August 4 at Lindsay Farm in Warminster, PA.

    Sold out three years and counting, this award-winning event offers the unique opportunity for guests to enjoy delicious, locally sourced food while also experiencing the beauty of nature on a preserved property. Proceeds benefit land preservation efforts, including farmland, in Bucks County.

    “More and more, people are taking an interestangs in where their food comes from and how it’s grown. Fresh, locally produced food is not only good for our bodies, but good for the economy and the environment,” said Robin Folkerts, Heritage Conservancy’s Vice President of Development & Community Engagement. “Guests will get to enjoy the bounty of Bucks County with mouthwatering foods that were grown right here in our community.”

    Heritage Conservancy’s From Farm to Table event boasts a farm-fresh meal, prepared by two acclaimed Bucks County chefs, David Zuckerman of Earl’s Bucks County and Luke Smithson of Jamie Hollander Gourmet Foods and Catering. Hors d’oeuvres, followed by a buffet-style meal, will be served in a rustic and picturesque outdoor setting at Lindsay Farm.

    Tickets are $75 per person, or $250 for a Locavore Ticket, which includes two tickets and special benefits. Online reservations are available.

    For additional information, contact Maggie Uliano at 215-345-7020 extension 107 or send email to: [email protected].

  3. this is SO great! i am so excited for both of you and i am really looking forward to following your blog as well as your respective journeys! i’ll be sure to pass it on… be well…

  4. Dear All,

    This is a fantastic blog!! I just wanted to reach out regarding my current doctoral research as it is related to a news article that appeared recently from Stefanie entitled “Staying in a Garden State of Mind”.

    My name is Christina Cavaliere and for the past decade I have been working and studying internationally in countries such as Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia, El Salvador, Norway and more regarding community development based on sustainable farming and ecotourism. I have just returned to New Jersey for research (I grew up in Cream Ridge, New Jersey) as I am now a doctoral candidate at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. My PhD research topic is on agritourism (food, farms and place) and climate consciousness in New Jersey.

    I am interested in how farmers and farm stakeholders view the role of local food and local farms in relationship to sustainability and was wondering if you as readers could recommend interview participants (farmers – including aquaculture, and farm stakeholders i.e. government, NGO workers etc) for the project. In summary, this research project is being undertaken at the University of Otago in New Zealand and its aim is to gain a better understanding of the relevance of climate change to agritourism providers and relevant stakeholders.

    I will be in New Jersey (based in central NJ) until the end of this October. I am happy to provide more information form regarding the research project for your reference.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and to the possibility of meeting some of you in person this summer. My US mobile is 609.384.3637 and email address is [email protected]

    Best regards,

  5. Read your commentary in App on the Jersey tomato. We had some of the best tasting tomatoes this year and sold bushels to local natural markets. Next growing season contact me to taste the best beefsteak tomato grown at Regina’s Certified Organic Farm in Howell.

  6. Stefanie: Thank you for another informative article in the APP “Eating healthy in the new year as easy as C_S_A”. Speaking of home grown it is great to see someone from Spring Lake writing on such an important topic. I read your articles always with great interest (“Organic farming”, CSA, etc.). I have taken your advise and gone to the farm market in Red Bank on Sunday this past fall. Met some great people as well as purchased good food.

  7. Read your article in app today and I kinda did a “leap of faith” for I am from the beach as well. Headed for something that grew inside of me, which directed me and trained me for what is pulling me to where is right. Eating well and exercising mind body and soul is key. It’s amazing and refreshing. Keep moving forward in your positive walk. Let the day sunshine. Congrats

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